About Me

Jessa grew up and attended school in the Blossom Valley area of San  Jose. Having been exposed to the real estate industry her entire life through a network of family and friends involved in various aspects of the industry, it was no surprise that she was drawn  to pursue her career in the same field. A fresh graduate, and amidst the refi-boom  of 2000, Jessa  got her start at a local Title Company in the Almaden area of San Jose. Jessa thrived in the extremely fast paced and demanding market, and gained an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in handling the escrow aspect of real estate transactions. 

Though she enjoyed and excelled in her escrow career, Jessa decided to redirect her career to a new aspect of this industry in 2008 and thus her start as a real estate salesperson with Intero Real Estate. “I love this industry and knew I would never leave it” she says. “But, I wanted to work more directly with the clients, and be involved in the process leading up to escrow. To be in a position to advise and educate buyers or sellers in the decision making process, and  to then negotiate on their behalf  as we move forward  - This was better suited for my abilities, and now I can really help make a difference in our local market.” 

Jessa is now working hand-in-hand with local buyers and sellers daily to assist with their real estate needs. Her business plan is simple - “I work hard, listen to and care about my clients. I am always honest and informative, and when need-be, a creative problem solver. And of course I negotiate fiercely. Clients deserve that kind of service – it’s that simple.”

Jessa believes that her organizational skills and her desire to keep up to date with all the new technology available provides a smooth and simple process for her clients. She strives to make the entire process as stress-free and convenient as possible as she understands that it can be a huge impact on her client’s lives.  She states,  “The entire process of buying or selling a home can be quite consuming, I understand that. Most people only do this a few times in their lives. This is my career - this is what I do every day. It’s my job to take them through each step carefully, and help make it more exciting than overwhelming.”

Jessa is enthusiastic about her career and involvement in the local real estate community. She believes education is an on-going process and attends educational classes and workshops frequently to stay up-to-date with the changes in our industry and provide the most current information to her clients.

“The purchase or sale of your home is one of the largest, if not the largest investment that many people make. The fact that I get to be so directly involved, and experience first-hand the excitement from my clients – Well, that’s why I go to work every day and why I will never stop doing what I love to do.”